Pioneer in the market for alternative Credit Score derived from E-commerce data source

Millions of data points to assist you in making more informed decision and seize untapped opportunities

Why do you need SDB?

Many companies face the same problems you’re facing. Limited credit history, traditional data points, outdated / incorrect info, and manual verification process. Learn how to save your time and lower your cost of operational.

Security & privacy

Security & privacy

Using reliable encryption technology to maintain all existing activities.

Legal & standard

Legal & standard

Presenting technology that complies with applicable laws and in accordance with industry standards.

Online 24/7

Online 24/7

Our services are always accessible anytime and anywhere.

Our products

Toko Score

Get indications of borrower risk profile based on e-commerce behavior data

Address Match Index

Verify applicant addresses with user addresses registered in marketplaces

Phone Match Index

Verify applicant phone numbers with user phone numbers registered in marketplaces

Income Prediction

Predict applicant’s income based on their transaction history in marketplace.

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Herman Widjaja

Herman Widjaja


Herman Widjaja is a prominent technology leader who is also on the list of CIO50 Southeast Asia. Passionate in paving the wave of building world-class Indonesian Digital talent, Herman was previously a Chief Information Officer at one of the telecommunication companies, Senior Engineering Manager at Google AR/VR, Oculus VR, and Amazon.com, and a seasoned Engineering Manager at Microsoft.

James Resman

James Resman


James Resman was a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Prior to SDB, James was a Senior Manager at PricewaterhouseCoopers Indonesia. He holds a BSBA degree from the Philippine School of Business Administration.

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Vision, Mission, and Objective


To strengthen digital ecosystem to contribute to financial inclusion in Indonesia.


Democratize financial access to everyone through technology.


Provide reliable product and services with advance technology, and ensure data privacy and protection.